Time Management

Today, when 24 hours of a day feel no more sufficient to get done with all the work, managing the limited time is of utmost importance . Whether it’s the loss of sleep during all-nighters or feelings of stress from imminent deadlines, poor time management can lead to deteriorated health and productivity. While working on a project or even doing your daily chores, time management helps task seem more organized, less daunting, and are completed with more productivity. The most effective way of managing time that most of the people follow is maintaining a schedule and sticking to it anyhow.

Time management can be really difficult task specially for students who have lot of energy for students like them Leverage Edu, an AI based startup is helping you manage your time and career with mentorship programs and alot more so you can utilize your energy and focus on your career

Out of all the benefits that proper time management carries with it, we have 5 of the most prominent ones.

  • Say goodbye to stress

Above all, maintaining a schedule and sticking to it can make you stress-free about the tasks that need to be completed. Just imagine completing a task before its deadline, no rushing here and there, no giving excuses, just one thing- calm. On the contrary, improper time management can lead to many problems in one’s life like neglected deadlines, missed appointments, or forgotten duties, which give rise to stress. Undoubtedly, stress relief is one of the greatest benefits of time management.

  • Get more done

If time is properly managed, one won’t dream of having more than 24 hours in a day. Make a schedule, be aware of what needs to be done next, strike off every task getting completed and you are done. It can effectively avoid procrastination as one is less likely to put-off written down tasks. Be accountable to the daily tasks and you won’t ever face problems with completing them in a timely manner. Knowing each task by its priority and the amount of time it would require, one can always have an idea of how much time he or she can spare during the day for other activities.

  • More personal time

Extra time is a bonus and a by-product of proper time management. People who can manage time well, have sufficient of it to pursue their hobbies even when they are working. Also, more time means more fun, and more fun means a happy life. Having free time during the day also contributes in having restful sleeps which directly affects one’s productivity.

  • Added Opportunities

Proper time management quite obviously leads to more opportunities. As it is said, ‘Early bird catches the worm’, it allows less wastage of time on frivolous tasks and eventually raises one’s productivity, and consequently his or her reputation. This will certainly pose a reliable personality of the person which will call for respect, both in personal and professional life. If a person is both productive and reliable, he or she is exposed to a pool of employment opportunities.

  • Reduced Efforts

People generally consider time management to be a task that increases one’s efforts. If we dive a little deeper, breaking the misconceptions, we will know how it makes our lives easier. Now, the same task that used to take 1 hour to complete gets completed within 45 minutes. Be it packing bags for the trip or finishing that college project.

Start treating time as money and be your own financial manager. All the above-mentioned benefits may sound way too simple, but the weight they carry in one’s life is not to be neglected. Your little efforts can have a great impact on how you lead your life. It starts from something as easy as preparing a schedule, so what are you waiting for ?

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