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  • 100 red bicycles stolen from local bike store
  • New leash laws in effect for floppy-eared dogs
  • Insider: Can palm trees be saved?
  • Fresh recipes to titillate the taste buds
  • Truck inspections under way for the metropolitan area
  • Are the beaches safe for swimming this year?

100 red bicycles stolen from local bike store

A hundred red bicycles were stolen from under our noses yesterday, and nobody knows what went wrong.

New leash laws in effect for floppy-eared dogs

Ears on dogs can be a tricky thing. Find out more about this amazing story and why these dogs are a nuisance.

Insider: Can palm trees be saved?

Ah, the palm tree. It feeds us, it shades us, it does whatever we ask. We should think about it more deeply.

Fresh recipes to titillate the taste buds

Food is great. These recipes will make you appreciate food as if it were even greater than great. It will be super great.

Truck inspections under way for the metropolitan area

The Sherrif's department has put out an APB on these trucks. You know, this is the kind of thing that only happens in small towns.

Are the beaches safe for swimming this year?

Giant orange pedal boats have been spotted at various beaches. In this report we tell you some ridiculous precautions to take.

Graphic Designin Training- 3 Month (Regular)

Minimum Eligibility : Successful completion of Class X Secondary school from a recognized board

Class timings : Two hours a day six days a week, several batches a day available

Fast track option : Available, three hours a day for two months

What will you learn?

This course will lend you a helping hand about how to use not only the basic and advanced versions of photoshop, flash, Illustrator, Corel Draw but even make you an expert in this field.

During the course, you will learn the following :-

  1. Expertise in Adobe
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe PageMaker
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Photoshop
  6. Corel Draw

The course is not limited to above techniques but teaches several other techniques that makes a web designer perfect in his field.

Introduction to Graphic Designing

Adobe In Design

  • Basic of Graphic Designing

  • Careers in Graphic Designing

  • Software in Graphic Designing

  • Conceptual ideas

  • How to design in Adobe?

  • Tools and menus

  • Designing magazine and letter head

  • Adobe In Design

  • What is the meaning of Illustrator?

  • Tools & Menus

  • Filters

  • Creating effects and cartoon

  • Designing Ads.

  • Logo

  • Creating website layout and brouchure

  • How to create Visting Card?

  • Creating Letter Head and Ads.

  • Creating design

  • Coral

  • Basics of CorelDraw - Keys + TSN

  • Packaging Boxes

  • Creating color design in logo

  • Using layers in Corel draw

  • Creating cartoon

  • Visualization

  • Adobe Photoshop / Adobe PageMaker

  • Adobe Photoshop meaning

  • Photoshop tool

  • Abstract Photo manipulation

  • Introduction about Adobe PageMaker

  • Hand tool

  • Graphic designing software's and it's Uses

  • Text manipulation

  • PageMaker Window

  • Markup Languages / Other Website Designing Tools

  • HTML Introduction/p>

  • Basic Tags & uses

  • HTML media

  • Creating webpages through HTML

  • Advance tags in HTML

  • Flash Website

  • Designing site structure and navigation

  • How do protect websites

  • Layout design and boxes

  • Advanced CSS techniques

  • CSS structure

  • CSS validator

  • Duration:

    Course Duration: 3 Month (Regular) and 5 Months (Weekend)

    Class Duration: Monday - Friday (Regular - 2 Hours) ,Saturday - Sunday (Weekend- 3 Hours)

    Timings: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM All 7 Days Open

    Project and Portfolio

    Students enrolled in professional courses are typically evaluated during job interviews on the basis of their portfolio and project work. With a view to recognizing this key element in the pedagogical process, Intouch has constituted a fully functional internship program in which students receive direct industry exposure by working as an intern. We help you organize both your online and offline live projects into an impressive portfolio that is also web accessible. The end-semester project is your platform to showcase and even show off all the cutting-edge training you have received from Intouch in a controlled and instructor-led environment

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