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  • 100 red bicycles stolen from local bike store
  • New leash laws in effect for floppy-eared dogs
  • Insider: Can palm trees be saved?
  • Fresh recipes to titillate the taste buds
  • Truck inspections under way for the metropolitan area
  • Are the beaches safe for swimming this year?

100 red bicycles stolen from local bike store

A hundred red bicycles were stolen from under our noses yesterday, and nobody knows what went wrong.

New leash laws in effect for floppy-eared dogs

Ears on dogs can be a tricky thing. Find out more about this amazing story and why these dogs are a nuisance.

Insider: Can palm trees be saved?

Ah, the palm tree. It feeds us, it shades us, it does whatever we ask. We should think about it more deeply.

Fresh recipes to titillate the taste buds

Food is great. These recipes will make you appreciate food as if it were even greater than great. It will be super great.

Truck inspections under way for the metropolitan area

The Sherrif's department has put out an APB on these trucks. You know, this is the kind of thing that only happens in small towns.

Are the beaches safe for swimming this year?

Giant orange pedal boats have been spotted at various beaches. In this report we tell you some ridiculous precautions to take.

Placement Assistance

The true standing of an institute is reflected by the demand for its students in the industry. That is why; we at Careersn U have an industry collaboration division with an unmatched track record in helping young APTIT-ians find their dream careers.

We provide placement support after the completion of the program. Many of our students are already placed in reputed companies.

The foundation of Careersn U Placement Assistance comes from the basic principle of addressing the challenge of shortage of talent in the IT, ITES and Services Industry. We handle the task of providing value for all stakeholders with utmost seriousness - ready employable entry level professionals.

Careersn U offers job placement assistance to students & recruitment assistance. Apart from technical training in various software & hands-on project work,Careersn U helps you get a foothold in the booming IT & ITES industry.

Careersn U has a full-fledged Placements Team stationed at its offices across the country. The Academy has a solid track record of placing trained, talented students in suitable jobs across India & overseas. 100% Placement Assistance* - When a student completes his/her course successfully, Careersn U Placement Cell helps students interview with major software companies. Many students have been successfully placed in roles like programmer, system analyst, web developer, software consultant, database analyst, etc.

Mock Interviews

The mock interview program provides Careersn U-ians a chance to tweak interviewing skills. The interview tries to resemble a real interview as close as possible, and provide experience for the candidate.


At Careersn U, newsletters are regularly distributed that share information on topics that are of interest to the students such as technology, placements high lights, placement success stories, industry speak etc. Newsletters help students to know about latest happenings in the industry so that they can update and upgrade themselves as and when required.

Pre-placement Activities

  • To ensure that you derive the maximum mileage from our placement activities, we take you through a round of counseling and expectation setting process wherein:

  • Student information database is generated as per the reports attachedM

  • Student Center Interaction is conducted to understand the expectations and outline each individual's strengths & shortcomings.

  • The student's capabilities are gauged on the basis of his/ her technical knowledge and soft skills

  • Expectations of the students are set according to the prevailing market scenario

  • Weekly reporting from the centers keeps track of the process

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